Open vouchers

Open vouchers

Travel with an open itinerary and be free as a bird  

Travel with an open itinerary and be free as a bird!

We recommend our open vouchers for those who wish to have a completely flexible itinerary and for travel in the period between September and June. There are no fixed dates and reservations are made with short notice (24 hours max.). You buy a certain amount of vouchers and you pay ca. 5% less than you do when you pre-book your accommodation.

Please note that we do not advise open vouchers during high-season, from July to late August.

  - Vouchers are valid from late August to June.
  - Not valid during high-season (from July to late August), Christmas through New Year, and Easter.
  - We refund 70% of what you paid for the unused vouchers.
  - Maximum notice for reservations is 24 hours.
  - There is no refund if vouchers in cat.III/IV are used for cheaper accommodation.

Open voucher accommodation

Bed & breakfast and Country hotel
- accommodation with shared or private/en-suite bathroom

The holder of this voucher has the right to breakfast and accommodation in made-up beds with shared or private/en-suite bathroom. Available for single, double or family rooms.

Sleeping bag accommodation

The holder of this voucher has the right to sleeping bag accommodation in a bed. It can be either in ordinary sized rooms (1-4 pers.) or in larger communal areas with shared bathroom. Single rooms may be available at surcharge rates payable at the hostel. Breakfast is not included.

Children's vouchers

Special children's discount vouchers both hostel/sleeping bag accommodation and bed and breakfast/country hotels (cat.I/II and cat. III/IV) are available for children 2 – 11 years.

More information on our accommodation categories.